Introducing the TIBCO Insight Platform

February 24, 2017
Data is a valuable asset for every organization. But businesses want action, not data. Choosing the right analytics tools will allow your business to increase agility, accelerate learning, and industrialize processes by focusing on what matters most.

The TIBCO Insight Platform, comprised of TIBCO Spotfire®, TIBCO Jaspersoft® and TIBCO Streambase®, lets you source the right data, analyze it with various techniques, and implement the resulting insights as a closed-loop solution with built-in continuous learning. Using TIBCO Insight Platform allows you to:

  • Answer more questions in less time, with interactive visualizations, dashboards, and built-in statistics.
  • Clean and transform data visually as you go, with immersive and self-documenting data wrangling.
  • Broadcast the best ideas across the company, with guided analytics, collaboration, and sophisticated analytic applications.
  • Embed analytics seamlessly, to create smarter apps with embedded visualizations and reports.
  • Automate actions on streaming data, using real-time math, monitoring, and actions created using code-free development.

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