Our new website gets launched!

February 24, 2017
Our new website has long been overdue and our projects have forced us to kick this can down the road a few times. Normally, we would not make it an issue to proceed to a somewhat self-serving announcement, much less brag about a housekeeping exercise. But we feel we learned a lesson here, which is worth sharing.

Anyone who has worked with us knows, we mean business! We are focused, alert and in love with what we do. Sure, there are hundreds of IT companies that will claim to serve up "everything IT". Do you need an ERP? We can do it! How about a cloud based BI system? No problem, give it to us! Even if you ask them for a missile guidance system they will probably try to convince you they are fit for the job, because "this is technology too, right"? Wrong!

Our professional life has taught us that to excel in IT, you need to specialize. You don't see Usain Bolt competing with elite marathoners, do you? This is precisely the basis of our point here. We wanted our new website to provide a clear picture to our customers, with respect to the solutions we deliver. No nebulous promises, just those things we are really good at!

The lesson here is that, if you are determined to present the reality of your work, the labor pains of developing a website, are minimized! We have built a lot of websites for several customers over the last years and have found that there is no faster content creation process, other than being sincere about your work.

Having said that, we hope we have achieved our goal and would love to hear your comments. You can contact us here.